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For today I made a list with my top 5 favorite shows. It was really hard for me to choose only 5 because, trust me I watch a lot more. I picked only shows that are currently running and I hope you enjoy this post and lets get started.

1. Grey`s Anatomy
All I can say is that this show keeps your emotions on a rollercoaster. If you are not prepared to cry a lot everytime you watch it, just give up now. I really hope this never ends, so Shonda continue this rollercoaster but pleaseee stop killing our beloved caracters!!!

grey`s anatomy

2. Suits
Well... every caracter on this show is AMAZING, I mean in all 4 seasons I can`t find to remember a single episode to be boring and I really feel that this show is for everyone.


3. Hart of Dixie
This is a bit more different for me, but I really like it. It`s more a comedy than a drama or anything else, but I really like the caracter of Zoe, I don`t have an explanation but I really understand her.

hart of dixie

4. How to Get Away with Murder
Shonda Rhimes did it again. She really knows her stuff. This show keeps you on your feet till de very end of every episode. It`s never what or who you tought it might be. All I can say it`s that I really, really like it.

how to get away with murder

5. Scorpion
This is a new show. It only has 16 episodes, but I loved it since the firsts seconds I`ve watched it. This is my type of show and I am curious what happens next.


I hope you liked this post and please share with me your favorite shows and tell me if you watched any of my favorites.


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